Radiant 2X2

Power up to 700W – 98,000 lm.

Radiant 2X2 is an advanced version of Radiant 2 with the ability to control up to 700W for wide areas and sports fields where high level of illumination is required.

Maximized system efficiency with custom optics and Detas Dleds “know how” makes this product a reliable solution.

Radiant 2X2 is one of our solutions intended for entrance zones of tunnels and other high power lighting such as high halls, lighting pillars and sports fields.

Radiant 2X2

The LED driver is separated from the LED module for better reliability.

Available optics for installation at very high altitudes.

Application of anti-corrosive casing materials.

Long lasting tempered glass protects LEDs and optics.

Control systems:

  • 1-10V / DALI
  • Wireless control
  • Power-line communication
  • Luminance sensor