Low Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

from 30 to 120 W

Low Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

up to 7m height


Wide and very diversified product range, suitable to meet any industrial lighting requirements:

  • Different mounting options (suspended or hard ceiling mounted).
  • Different IP protection levels, IP54, IP65, IP66.

Proprietary optics can be used according to the mounting height, to make a smart use of the produced light.

  • Narrow optics at medium/high mounting heights focus the light to the ground.
  • Optics dedicated to shelving warehouses.
  • Anti-glare lenses available for low mounting heights.

6/10kV standard surge protection device. 

ENEC and Photobiological risk exempt certified.

Control systems available: wireless remote control, lineswitch and powerline communication.

Used for: 

  • Low bay industrial and commercial lighting.

Emergency lighting systems available.