With the photovoltaic lighting solutions, it is possible to illuminate places not reached from the power grid, cutting down installation costs avoiding the expensive laying of new power cables.

Our systems use only the highest quality components, oversized to guarantee the best and long term reliability:

  • A charging regulator preserves the battery from overcharging and deep discharge conditions.
  • Specific AGM batteries for photovoltaic applications.
  • Compact PV kits including all the components.
  • System sized according to the installation’s latitude and lighting power request, offering a working period without sun ranging between 5 and 10 days.

Stratos N photovoltaic


It’s our solution for street and parking lighting. Available with all LED R proprietary optics of Stratos N.

Trilogy Bust


All-around kit designed for bus shelters lighting and also used for small panels, signboards and garden decorative lighting using all Trilogy N proprietary optics.

Available on demand with oversize photovoltaic kit and USB port to charge mobile smartphones at bus stop.