Parking lot LED Lighting Fixtures

from 18 to 225 W



More than 30 proprietary optics allow: 

  • Unmatched energy savings, achieved by focusing the light only where needed.
  • Highest lighting uniformity on the ground, improving the overall safety of the lot in areas with high pedestrian/vehicles conflict.
  • Improves the appeal of the business and renovates the look.
  • Design flexibility.

Quality of the mechanical assembly: 

  • IP65/66 rating for the complete fixtures .
  • Tempered glass protecting LEDs and optics
  • IK08 and wind resistance tests.

10kV standard surge protection device. 

ENEC, NRTL and Photobiological risk exempt certified. 

Control systems available: 1-10V/DALI, virtual midnight, wireless remote control, lineswitch, motion sensor and photocell.

Used for:

  • Parking lot lighting.
  • Outdoor area and commercial lighting.
  • Floodlighting.
  • Industrial outdoor perimetric lighting.