Lighting control systems

LED lighting offers much more controlling possibilities than traditional systems, applicable to new installations or updating an existing systems.

In addition to the energy saved by the new technology, integrating LEDs with a control system can offer an additional 20-30% saving. The objective of controlling the light is to the reduce the light output when the need is lower or absent.

Down below we are presenting the control systems available with most of our products, from controlling few fixtures to entire industries and cities.


Streetlighting controls

  • Virtual midnight
  • Lineswitch
  • Power-line communication
  • Remote wireless control
  • Motion sensor
  • Photocell 


Tunnel lighting controls

  • Power-line communication
  • Remote wireless control


Industrial lighting controls

  • 1-10V / DALI
  • Motion sensor
  • Illuminance sensor
  • Zigbee