Pad LLC3

Pad LLC3 is a new solution designed for medium / high levels and high altitudes lighting.

Thanks to the optics, the light is distributed only where it is needed, with maximum saving energy and ROI.

LED chips are the latest generation of Fortimo and the choice of lamp power is from 70W to 185W.

Pad LLC3

Best investment in warehouses and factories, average return time is 2.5 years.

Choose your own optics based on the type of workspace and mounting height.

“Photobiological safety risk” certificate.

Tempered glass protects the LEDs and optics.

Available on request with “anti-glare” lenses for sports halls and similar settings.

EMERGENCY integrated module with 3 hours autonomy.

Lighting control available:

  • 1-10V / DALI
  • Motion sensor
  • Light sensor