Maya is a line of high performance LED spotlights. Several optics are available to provide a versatile solutions, while achieving amazing results.

Maya 8-9 up to 475W i 69.000 lm

New series of LED spotlights developed by Detas Dleds.

  • Maya 8A – power from 13W to 79W
  • Maya8B – power from 96W to 139W
  • Maya 9C – power from 118W to 254W
  • Maya 9D – power from 136 to 475 W

Choose between road lighting optics, parking lot lighting and lighting of large outdoor areas.

Lamp efficiency up to 150 lm / W.

Light temperature selection 3000K, 4000K, 5700K.

Maya 8-9

A pillar mount adapter is also available.

Casing quality: Tempered protective glass, die-cast aluminum.

Lighting control selection:

  • 1-10V / DALI
  • Virtual midnight
  • Lineswitch / StepDim